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I am recruiting students to work on various projects related to flowers starting in SP 23. If you are interested in joining the lab, contact me at the following e-mail address: monica-dot-borghi-at-usu-dot-edu. Students who work in the lab can gain research credits via BIOL 5800 or CHEM 4800. Visit USU Biology Undergraduate Research to obtain authorization to add BIOL 5800 to your curriculum or USU Chemistry & Biochemistry for CHEM 4800.



I am recruiting one Master or PhD student to work on the genetics of flower metabolism. 

The project aims to understand the contribution of the central metabolic pathways to flower development, and it envisions analysis of open-access Arabidopsis transcriptomics data followed by validation experiments using T-DNA mutant lines, analysis of gene and protein expression and localization, and measurements of flower metabolites. Candidates with experience and a strong interest in bioinformatics are encouraged to apply. The student will be funded through PI research funds and teaching assistantships. Before applying for this position interested applicants must revise the following general guidelines and requirements for admission

( ). 

Qualified and strongly motivated candidates should send the following documents to monica-dot-borghi-at-usu-dot-edu and include the following sentence in the subject line “Graduate Student Application – Fall 2023”:

  • Cover letter (max 1 page). International applicants must specify in the cover letter if they need a Visa. International applicants already in the US territory must indicate their current Visa status and expiration.

  • CV, including the list of known techniques, software, and programming languages and the level

  • Contact information for three references


I am recruiting one Postdoctoral Researcher with experience in plant molecular biology of model (Arabidopsis) and non-model plants (blueberry and beans), analysis of RNAseq, and proficiency in R or Python. Previous experience with analysis of metabolites will be taken in strong consideration. The researcher will be responsible for coordinating and running experiments independently, contributing to the research planning, manuscript and proposal writing and supervising undergraduate and graduate students. Qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to contact monica-dot-borghi-at-usu-dot-edu with a letter of interest, their CV, and contact information for references. 


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