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I am recruiting one undergraduate student to work on a recently identified Arabidopsis thaliana mutant with altered levels of amino acids in flowers. Interested students please send an email at the following e-mail address: monica-dot-borghi-at-usu-dot-edu. Students who work in the lab can gain research credits via BIOL 5800 or CHEM 4800. Visit USU Biology Undergraduate Research to obtain authorization to add BIOL 5800 to your curriculum or USU Chemistry & Biochemistry for CHEM 4800.


I am recruiting one (1) graduate student interested in pursuing a PhD in Plant Molecular Biology. Previous experience in genotyping, gene expression, cloning, etc, will be taken into high consideration. The PhD student will work on projects related to plant reproduction in flowers of Arabidopsis thaliana. The student will be in a TA position for year one and switch to an RA position from the second year. 

Students interested in this position should send their formal application to the USU School of Graduate Studies. Only students who will send their complete application will be invited to an interview by the Department of Biology. In the application, explicitly indicate your preference to work in the Borghi lab. Information on how to send a complete application can be found here 

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